Our Story

After years of experience in the candle and bath bomb industry, our team wanted to find a way to change the bath bomb experience.

The traditional way to use a bath bomb is by dropping it in water and letting it dissolve releasing energetic foam, colors, and aromas. Bath bombs are an interesting and awesome idea, but we wanted to transform the entire bath time experience, making it fun for kids yet restorative for adults.


As designers and scientists at heart, we knew there was some way to harness the power being released by the bath bomb and we were determined to create a product that would allow the bath bombs to do more than just fizz away.

So, we developed the concept of “powering” some kind of device that could harness the kinetic energy being released by the bath bomb. Since the product operates in water we naturally thought that one of the first designs we could power would be a boat.

It didn’t take long for us to design a tugboat we affectionately named Bubbly. As we began to experiment with Bubbly and refine the forward propulsion system powered by the bath bomb, we developed the idea of a spinning base.


We then experimented with installing waterproof LED lighting and a waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker. We then realized we had a bath bomb product that is equally enjoyable with or without bath bombs, and in or out of water!

We are excited to share our passion and a product that we know will change bath time forever. We are incredibly grateful for your interest and support. We cannot do this without all of you.

From our family to yours, thank you for becoming part of the BathTubbies team.

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