Bubbly The Tugboat

The perfect bath toy, the lovable Bubbly the Tugboat captures the attention and imagination of everyone who watches him bubble along. He does much more than float on the water. Insert a bath bomb and watch Bubbly magically come to life. The fizz of the bath bomb propels him across the water while releasing effervescent bubbles and foam from his chimney stack and the stern. Turn on the colorful lights and play a favorite story through the waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Now everyone of all ages can enjoy a fun and unique experience as they ease into bedtime.

Ponder The Frog

Ponder the Frog is the perfect bath accessory for the entire family. Lovable for the kids while providing a bit of Zen reflection for the adults. Insert the bath bomb to release some therapeutic bubbles while enjoying the calming effect of the LED lights. Round out the experience by enjoying your favorite audiobook or relaxing music through the wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker.

Ponder The Frog is sure to make everyone smile!

Misty The Unicorn

This happy and colorful toy is a great gift for the loved ones in your life. Enchanting and mystical, Misty the Unicorn magically transforms the bath time experience. Known for their healing powers, this unicorn integrates foaming bubbles and therapeutic LED lighting with the power of a waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker for an engaging story or calming music, in and out of the bath.

Bring our sweet Misty into your home and she’ll quickly become a family favorite.

Pandora’s Lotus

A great choice for the entire family, the Pandora’s Lotus is a joyful addition to bath time for the kids, while being a calming spa like accessory for adults. Blooming from the bath with remarkable beauty, the lotus flower is a symbol of purity of mind, body, and soul. The ultimate way to prepare for a restorative night’s sleep is to luxuriate in a soothing bath that integrates muscle relaxing bubbles, calming, therapeutic lighting, and soothing music through its wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker.

Bring the spa into your own bathroom with the tranquil and transformative Pandora’s Lotus.