Change Bath Time Forever!

We are incredibly excited to share our new bath time accessory the BathTubbie!

Please take a few moments to watch our videos, read our story, and browse the various ways you can enjoy your BathTubbie. We hope you will enjoy the BathTubbies as much as we do!

Teaser Video

Enjoy our teaser trailer for BathTubbies that you’ve likely seen with thousands of other users across social media. Click here to see why everyone is so excited about BathTubbies!

Promotional Video

Wanna see BathTubbies in action? Watch our Promotional Video to learn how the sights, sounds and aromas produced by BathTubbies will change bath time forever!

POC Video

The BathTubbie Pro proof of concept from earlier this year. Remote controlled LED lights and wireless Bluetooth Speaker test.

FAQ Video

Watch our FAQ video featuring designer and Co-Founder of BathTubbies, Blake Starling, as he explains more about the history and future of BathTubbies.

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